Go, Diego Go Personalized Fleece Blanket

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This Fleece blanket has Go, Diego Go on it and is made from 100% Polyester Fleece with a two inch satin trim around the blanket (all our blanket trims and fleeces are 100% Polyester). We will personalize the blanket which is included in the price with the person’s first name (embroidery letters are about 2 inch tall). The second photo is a Sample of our embroidery. 

Personalized orders please put your embroidery information in the section above. This will make sure there won’t be any delay in delivery. Our business allows two weeks for all orders no matter what size of the blanket purchased because everything is custom made.   If you have an idea of a different color trim then the one shown, just email us your suggestions. 

The last day for Guarantee Christmas delivery orders December 10th. 

We are in no way a sponsor or affiliated with the licensee or manufacturer. We Guarantee Quality in our blankets. 

Thank you for your Business. 


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