Money Saving Idea's! Blog!

#1. When looking to book your next travel trip by air. Choose to search in the mornings, Tuesday through Thursday on your computer or phone and search for airline fares. Do this at least two weeks or more out from date you want to travel.
After you see a good fare, check out the airlines personal website to see if it's better or the same price.

Yes, you always take a chance to lose one of those prices but open two screens on your computer so you always have the other screen to choose the lowest price.
As a travel agent years ago, I use this method today for booking all our flight arrangements.

#2. And when you go to search for your Travel Plans there is a couple of sites you may use, to make sure you have the lowest price in your travel reservations. One we use to compare all fares. Travelocity, Booking Buddy and always go to the Airlines main sites and check.

#3. When booking cruise reservations. If you have a chance you can get great deals if you book cruise reservations at a last minute reservation like a month out or more from cruise dates. Cruise companies like to fill up the ship. Remember if you have a certain ship itinerary your looking to go on, this is not always a good idea but if your flexible this is a way to save some money. Know what you want and cruise line and itinerary. See if this can help you and maybe work out and can save you some money.

#4. Oh, have you ever wondered if you needed a full dry sheet in a dryer load?  Well, we have put this to the test and you don't. Try it for yourself. Wash a load of clothes and when you put it in the dryer, before you put the full dryer sheet in, cut the dryer sheet in half. See how the clothes come out.  Then each time cut the dryer sheet a little smaller. See what size you get too with the clothes coming out like you like them no static.  You might save a lot of money in purchasing dryer sheets!

#5.  When mailing items to love ones in different states. Know the post office shipping charges and you can save a lot of money in shipping your next item.  If any of your packages or letters are under 16oz. they can be sent First Class.  Usually the Post Office changes their prices so lets keep up to the changes and save money.

#6. For all the ladies out there that their Dad teaches them something.  My Dad always wanted me to try not to let my vehicle gas tank get lower than 1/2 half  way empty.  Once you see your vehicles gas tank is getting to half a tank gas, start looking for a gas station.  That way Dad figured I would never run out of gas, even if I got lost some where. Not money saving but great idea! Thanks DAD!

#7. Oh, Always have your oil changes done on your vehicles and that will save you money in the long run. Car maintenance always a must! You take care of the machine and it will take care of you! Getting you place to place. Not personally. Pagerank